Thank. Celebrate. Appreciate. Take Action

With all that child care providers do, they deserve a little celebration. Explore ways you can take action in your community, and even right from home, to thank them.

Show your support! 

Child care providers dedicate their lives to the healthy development of young children and provide a vital service that allows families to work. The sacrifices they make to their own health and economic stability in support of children, families and businesses has never been more clear and understood. Child Care Aware® of America is once again thrilled to continue our decades-long legacy of leading the nation in a day of recognition, celebration and appreciation in honor of child care providers.

We make it easy to join in and show your support! Advocates, families, community partners, businesses and local and federal government officials, and more can sign up to support Provide Appreciation Day©. Supporters will receive updates, tips and resources to:

  • Show your support on social media 
  • Record a short message of appreciation 
  • Coordinate personal or organizational activities 
  • Get inspiration for ways to personalize appreciation for a special provider in your life 
  • Encourage participation among your professional and social circles 
  • And more!