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Provider Appreciation Day FAQs

Are you wondering what Provider Appreciation Day is all about, how to get involved or what counts as a celebration? We’ve got you covered. Review the answers to the most common questions we get about this important day of gratitude below.  

What is Provider Appreciation Day? 

Provider Appreciation Day was created in 1996 to recognize the efforts of providers who care for children of working parents.  

Provider Appreciation Day is convened annually by Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA), the nation’s leading voice on child care, on the Friday before Mother’s Day.  

Why is Provider Appreciation Day happening?  

CCAoA convenes Provider Appreciation Day® to amplify our nation’s collective gratitude for those who support the social, emotional and physical care of our youngest children.  

How can child care providers get involved?  

Child care providers are the ones being celebrated. When you sign up on our site, indicate that you are a child care provider, and we will keep you updated with messages of thanks throughout the campaign.  

How can local businesses get involved/establish a formal partnership? 

We would love to connect. Reach out at partnerships@usa.childcareaware.org.  

How can families get involved?  

There are plenty of ways for families to show their support for their local child care providers. Consider:

Is there any legislation connected to Provider Appreciation Day?  

Provider Appreciation Day is not officially connected to specific pieces of federal and state legislation. However, each community may decide to highlight legislative action as part of their local Provider Appreciation Day celebration.  

Nationally, CCAoA pushes to address the following problems:  

  • Price: High prices make it challenging for parents to find quality child care. Across the country, the annual price of child care exceeds that of college tuition. 
  • Supply: There aren’t enough providers to meet the demand. Forty percent of the child care workforce is women of color — and many are leaving the field because they aren’t paid enough. 
  • Funding: The U.S. spends less than 0.5% of GDP on child care, far less than other industrialized countries. 

Find out how you can advocate for child care policies here:  Become a Supporter – Provider Appreciation Day  

What’s a proclamation?  

Our Provider Appreciation Day proclamation recognizes the work of child care providers to show appreciation for the role they play for so many families and brings awareness to their importance in your community. Last year, proclamations were issued by numerous communities across the United States. You can submit a proclamation here: Submit a Proclamation – Provider Appreciation Day  

Where can I find child care data and emerging trends in the field?  

Our Provider Appreciation Day proclamation recognizes the work of child In 2022 and 2023, CCAoA published a series of reports that used data from various sources to determine how we can accelerate improvements to our child care system. The first report explores how supply of child care has changed, while the second includes affordability data and national price averages. The final report summarizes the research and highlights key findings from studies conducted by our peers. Read the reports: https://www.childcareaware.org/catalyzing-growth-using-data-to-change-child-care/   

What is Child Care Aware of America?  

CCAoA is a national membership organization that works with a national network of more than 400 child care resource and referral (CCR&Rs) agencies and other community partners to ensure that all families have access to quality, affordable child care.

What does it mean to be a member of CCAoA? How do I join? 

Members of Child Care Aware of America help to advocate for child care policies that improve the lives of children and families, supporting in leading research that advances the child care and early learning field, leverage technology to help families make informed decisions about child care and provide professional development for child care providers. Please click here to learn more about CCAoA Member benefits and how to become a member.

Why is advocating important?  

CCAoA is advocating for every family in the United States to have access to a high-quality, affordable child care system. The child care system supports children’s growth, development and educational advancement and creates a positive economic impact for families and communities. When you raise your voice in support of child care providers and families, we help lawmakers understand the importance of investing in this system. 

What’s a CCR&R?

A CCR&R organization serves as a resource hub for families, child care professionals and communities. CCR&Rs increase access to high-quality, affordable child care by providing many different services depending on where an individual lives, including. Click here to learn more about CCR&Rs.

What are you hoping to achieve with this event?  

Provider Appreciation Day is about thanking our providers, but also aiding in the fight for the legislative changes we have to see in child care. 

Is it alright to be holding events in person? What if we want to host a virtual event?

Your celebration should suit your needs. For example, virtual events might be ideal if you have limited capacity or if the people, you’re celebrating aren’t able to attend an in-person event.  

In-person events work great for celebrations that may include an awards ceremony and/or celebratory meal. Consider inviting local press to your in-person events so they can see the celebration firsthand.  

How can I be involved in PAD on social media? 

Share your gratitude for providers on social media by tagging your posts with #ThankYouChildCare.  

Explore the toolkit for digital resources, including a printable frame which you can print off, write a response to the prompt “Why I Say Thank You” and post a photo of yourself with the response to social media. Your photo may be featured by Child Care Aware of America.  

What should I do if my event gets media coverage?  

If you’re planning any activities or celebrations, we’ve created a tip sheet to help you navigate media interest and create more visibility of your work and your celebration: TIP SHEET 

If you know that media is interested in covering your event, we would love to hear about it! Reach out to news@usa.childcareaware.org if you would like support, have questions, or want to share news! You can also use our Provider Appreciation Day Toolkit for additional resources. Provider Appreciation Day Toolkit.